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Your First Job

You got the job! Now what? Advice to help you navigate your first year or two.

  • Planning Your Leap by Kate Zoellner
    Tips to ease you into and through your first year.
  • Surviving the First Year at an Academic Library by Louise Feldmann
  • Why Orientation Matters by Katherine Mossman
  • This Entry-Level Position is NOT What I Expected! by Rachel Augello
  • Your First Year on the Job: Five Tips to Help New Librarians by Cassandra E. Osterloh
  • Y’s Guide to Starting a New School/Library/Job
    Great tips for the new school librarian from the Alice in Infoland blog.
  • Medical Library Association Mentoring Program
  • New York Library Association Mentoring Program
    Sponsored by the New Members Roundtable, these volunteers are ready to offer advice and assistance on a wide range of library topics and issues.


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