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Careers Outside of Libraries

What else can you do with a library and information science degree?

In our more networked world, a wealth of online discussion can be found on careers. Some of the paths individuals have forged can be found in this online article in a recent newsletter from UNYSLA, the Upstate NY Special Libraries Association.

A recent ALA Library Journal article describes new service trends in libraries and careers that are technology-based.

An MLS (Master of Library Science) or MLIS (Master of Library & Information Science) prepares students for library work, but some graduates use their education in non-library settings. MLS/MLIS graduates working outside the library include:

  • Book publishing workers who use their knowledge of books to choose and edit manuscripts
  • Chief information officers who decide which information technology a business needs and how employees will share information
  • Content managers who find and organize material for online communities
  • Database administrators who organize, update, and store data using extensive programming skills
  • Information brokers who conduct research for people who contract for it
  • Sales workers who sell software and other products to libraries
  • Taxonomists who work for data processing and e-commerce companies by classifying information about putting it in appropriate categories
  • Webmasters who design, maintain, and program web sites
  • (Source: Librarians: Information Experts in the Information Age PDF)

Read more about non-traditional career opportunities

  • Librarians in the Information Age: Alternative Uses of MLS Degrees

Professional Organizations

  1. Association of Independent Information Professionals
  2. American Society for Indexing
  3. ARMA International - Records & Information Management


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