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Library Leadership

Case StudiesCase Studies in Educational Technology and Library Leadership
by Steve Baule  NY:  Linworth Publishing, Inc. An excellent resource for working librarians and technology directors with a wide array of situations encountered on the job. Great tool for workshop planning.


Leadership Lessons in a Climate of Social Transformation  by Janice Simmons – Welburn. Sustaining an organization and its shared values and accommodating change. Interesting article which underscores the leadership's ability to relate an organization to its social context. Available through Project Muse.

Winning with Library Leadership: Enhancing Service through Connection, Contribution and Collaboration by Christi Olson
and Paula Singer, Boulder: Net Library Electronic Resource

thriving libraryThe Thriving Library: Successful Strategies for Challenging Times by Marylaine Block Strategies and projects that have helped over 100 public libraries gain community support and funding during challenging times. Focuses on innovative library directors with her research, analysis, Show cases hundreds of winning programs and services. Projects are described in practitioners' own words. A rich source of ideas and inspiration for those who want their libraries to thrive, not merely survive.

Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Library Service by  Michael E. Casey and Laura C. Savastinuk  Editor: Rachel Singer Gordon A service model that recognizes constant change, getting buy-in and maintaining momentum for libraries and their programs.

How to Do Everything with Podcasting  by Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson, 2008.  This book answers the question “Why podcast?”  Detailed  “how-to” and a good vantage point on podcasting as a business tool and how it fits into the overall communication plan.

"The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up" by Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher.  NY: Wiley, 2008. A study of 737 that 98 percent of chief execs would hire an applicant with a good sense of humor over one who seemed to lack one.

Water CoolerWater Cooler Diaries: Women Across America Share Their Day at Work by Jonie B. Cole and B.K , Rathra Many fields are represented, including librarians. The grace and humor of the stories make very engaging.

Academic Libraries

academic librariesAcademic Librarians as Emotionally Intelligent Leaders by Peter Hernon;  Joan Giesecke;  Camila A Alire Westport : Libraries Unlimited, Incorporated

Social Networking in Libraries

Social software in libraries : building collaboration, communication, and community Online  by Meredith G. Farkas.  Medford, N.J.: Information Today, c2007 This nuts-and-bolts guide provides librarians with the information and skills necessary to implement the most popular and effective social software technologies: blogs, RSS, wikis, social networking software, screencasting, photo-sharing, podcasting, instant messaging, gaming, and more. Success stories and interviews

Using Interactive Technologies in Libraries: A LITA Guide by Kathlene Hanson, , Author; Frank Cervone, Publication: New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers An excellent how-to guide to four of the most recent interactive technologies—RSS, wikis, blogs, and podcasting

School  Libraries

no school left behindNo School Library Left Behind: Leadership, School Improvement and the Media Specialist by Carl A Harvey. Columbus: Linworth Publishing, Inc. 2008 A valuable tool on how library media programs directly correlate to student achievement.

Listen UP! Podcasting for Schools and Libraries by Linda Braun Anyone who want a simple introductory primer on podcasting will welcome this, making it a top pick for both college-level education libraries and general-interest collections.

How to Do Everything with Podcasting  by Shel Holtz  and Neville Hobson, 2008.  This book answers the question “Why podcast?”  Detailed instructions and a good vantage point on podcasting as a business tool and how it fits into the overall communication plan.

Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies Tee Morris;  Evo Terra;  Ryan Williams


“Librarians can change lives in their communities,”

building connections and conduits to information and services.




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