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Law Libraries

Law librarians work in law firms, law schools, government offices, courts and other legal organizations. Though not a requirement for most law library jobs, 30% of law librarians do have a law degree in addition to a library degree.

  • Opportunities for Law Librarians
    Learn more about careers in law librarianship.
  • Education for a Career in Law Librarianship
    Advice on education for law librarianship.
  • The Librarian's Career Ladder PDF
    Law librarianship offers many satisfying directions within the profession, by Deborah Hackerson (AALL Spectrum, 2006)
  • ALA - Accredited Graduate Program in Library Science with Law Library Classes or Joint MLS/JD Classes - Handy guide to help you pick a library school program.
  • Choosing Law Librarianship: Thoughts for People Contemplating a Career Move by Mary Whisner

Professional Organizations

  • American Association of Law Libraries
  • Association of Law Libraries of Upstate New York
  • Law Library Association of Greater New York

Major Publications

  • AALL Spectrum
    News and practical information about law librarianship.
  • Law Library Journal
    Research oriented articles on the practice of law librarianship.


  • Law Library Blogs
    Blogs by law librarians and from professional organizations.


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