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In today's economy, many public libraries are placing a new emphasis on providing assistance to patrons seeking help to build employment and test-taking skills. The Department of Labor and New York libraries have recognized libraries role as community hubs for access to many job resources. This trend will grow with the addition of greater computing power in libraries and patrons' recognition of the assistance they can receive from knolwedgable staff.

Careers in libraries today juxtapose old and new models of service, with a continuing emphasis of the keyword "service." New titles for positions in the field continue to alter the profession.And thriving communities of information exchange occur online in positions that engage technologists, historians and subject specialists. Your unique background can be an asset for fields like these:

  • Digital archivist,
  • data warehouse specialist
  • medical or health librarian
  • blended librarian
  • virtual reference specialist
  • a vr coach, complete with a personal avatar

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These are just a few of many new terms in information careers in library careers.

Exploring this career site will lead you to schools, stories and jobs.
A degree in information science can jump start your professional career in  places near and far, in industry, schools, public libraries, academia, hospitals, law, research and special libraries.

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“Librarians can change lives in their communities,”

building connections and conduits to information and services.




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